Duomo Cathedral tour

We arranged a special 3 hours tour to the Duomo cathedral, the main attraction of the city, with the inside, the outside, the underground area and the Terraces. The Duomo Cathedral is really rich and complex in its gothic architecture. With a private tour of the Duomo you will discover that there is much more to the life of the Cathedral than a casual visitor can possibly realize. But it is all there to be discovered.

1st h

Duomo cathedral inside

It is the monument symbol of Milan, with its golden Madonnina. It is one of the most famous and complex Gothic constructions of the world. An iconic building of Milan, the entire history of Milan can be learned in the visit.

2nd h

Roman Archeological Area of the Cathedral

Roman ruins directly in the Duomo cathedral. This is what you find if you go underneath. The remains of ancient Milan and the previous Cathedral, that was built on the same site, whit the entire Baptistery in front of it. Step into the history with us!

3rd h

Duomo rooftop Terraces

The Duomo offers a fantastic walk on the terraces between the famous spires. Enjoy unprecedented Milan from high! The view is stunning, the experience unique.

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You can choose one of ours marvelous tours. A walking tour is the most enjoyable way to see this Milano so please mind comfortable shoes! Part of the route might be by public transport, we will give you the proper ticket.

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